Throughout my latest employment at Shuntyard Technologies, I worked on three projects which are still in production.

I started on a ticket management system that we are building from the ground up. I designed static mockups for new pages and components, and then built features and styled them using HTML, CSS, Vue.js, JavaScript and Vueitfy. As part of this process I had to be able to read the back end Rails files and pull through properties to the front end.

I also worked on the loan management app. The client-facing side is in the process of getting a makeover, and I was part of the front end team to help implement this facelift using HTML, CSS, Vue.js and Vuetify.

Lastly I did UI designing for a process management app, based on the Kaizen process, that is used to diagnose inefficiencies within a company’s stock control process. I designed static mockups of new features for the development team to implement primarily using Adobe Xd. 

Websites Designed & Built by Me as Part of Work for

Websites Designed & Built by Me