Hi, I’m Beatrice

I’m a skilled Front End Developer with 7 years of experience in UI design and development, and a strong work ethic. I am passionate about bridging the gap between the UX and backend teams, collaborating on technically feasible layouts, and transforming designs into fully functional and visually appealing web experiences.

I am Proficient in HTML, CSS, responsive web design, Vue.js, Vuetify, WordPress and Photoshop. I possess a strong background in crafting user-friendly, customized WordPress websites  and have moderate experience with JavaScript, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bootstrap, Bootstrap  Vue, Ant Design Vue, AdobeXD, Adobe Illustrator and Figma.

I’m a good communicator and greatly interested in developing my technical coding skills (specifically JS and frameworks), and being part of a team that loves collaboration, teaching and learning.¬†

Some of the technical skills I have picked up throughout my career.

My Portfolio


Lindsay Campbell

The saying “hire for attitude” sums up my working relationship with Beatrice. It isn’t easy to find an employee that is committed, honest, reliable, with initiative, easy to work with, helpful, hungry to learn and incredibly diligent and Bea ticks all of those boxes and more. Bea was repeatedly thrown into the deep end and swam strong. Anything that she didn’t know or wasn’t familiar with – she made a concerted effort to find out about. She will be a wonderful asset to any office and anyone that hires Beatrice will have a gem in their space. I cannot recommend Bea enough and giver her a 5 star recommendation!

Rozelle de Waal

Working with Beatrice has been an absolute pleasure! What I really appreciate about her, is that whenever she gets stuck, she will go over and beyond to figure out how to solve the problem, or to learn how to do things better. She’s a great team player, always friendly and kind and she enjoys collaborating with others. She is a go-getter, self-starter and has admirable self-discipline. Beatrice, it’s been wonderful working with you, thank you for always offering an extra hand and going the extra mile!

Carl Meganck

Beatrice came across very professional and diligent when I had the pleasure of working with her on a project for a 3rd party that lasted several months. She is very responsive, gave technical advise and input and was able to make recommendations that always delivered positive results. It is sometimes difficult to envision someone else’s ideas, but Beatrice always asked the right questions and always deliver on the idea. When at times we had to reconsider some of the original requirements, she was always very accommodating until we were able to deliver the best results. Beatrice comes highly recommended and she is one of the best developers I ever worked with.

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